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Mix & match

Our all-new super soft innerwear has been designed for easy care and easy wear.

Made from 100% organic cotton, this collection is produced on Nature’s terms: organic farming uses no harmful chemicals, resulting in a cleaner environment and cleaner cotton, too.

Mix and match upper and lower parts, stripes and colours in a way you like - the result is always the same: bright spring look and total comfort.

Open the product to see all coulours. Sizes range from 80 to 164 cm


Kids' jumper Haukka Orange
Kids' jumper Haukka

24.95 €

Kids' joggers Suomu Melange grey
Kids' joggers Suomu

24.95 €

Kids' hoodie Ersta Lemon yellow
Kids' hoodie Ersta

29.95 €

Toddlers' mid-layer set Kaakao Jungle green
Toddlers' mid-layer set Kaakao

39.95 €

Socks, Heimi Candy pink Candy pink
Socks, Heimi Candy pink

9.95 €

Kids' jumper Haukka Jungle green
Kids' jumper Haukka

24.95 €

Kids' joggers Suomu Candy pink
Kids' joggers Suomu

24.95 €

Socks, Heimi Lemon yellow Lemon yellow
Socks, Heimi Lemon yellow

9.95 €

Toddlers' T-shirt Dalvadas Lemon yellow
Toddlers' T-shirt Dalvadas

16.95 €

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