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Ready for autumn from tip to toe

This toddlers' water-repellent, windproof and breathable softshell overall with durable reinforcements is a great choice for active days outdoors. Mix and match different layers as the days get colder. Keep in mind that the base layer will keep your kid feeling comfortable by transferring moisture away from the skin, while the mid-layer provides warmth and the cover layer protects against wind, rain and cold. Complete the look with colorful accessories and waterproof shoes!


Softshell overall, Mjosa White White
Softshell overall, Mjosa White

74.95 €

Reimatec shoes, Patter Wash Soft green Soft green
Reimatec shoes, Patter Wash Soft green

74.95 €

Gloves (knitted), Osk Navy Navy
Gloves (knitted), Osk Navy

16.95 €

Reimatec mittens, Askare Navy Navy
Reimatec mittens, Askare Navy

29.95 €

Leggings, Mallikas Denim blue Denim blue
Leggings, Mallikas Denim blue

16.95 €

Shirt, Mussukka Melange grey Melange grey
Shirt, Mussukka Melange grey

19.95 €

Fleece overall, Myytti Denim blue Denim blue
Fleece overall, Myytti Denim blue

42.95 €

Beanie, Kolmio Denim blue Denim blue
Beanie, Kolmio Denim blue

22.95 €

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