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Fun in the garden

When playing in the garden with a waterhose, it's important to have functional clothes on. Something that dryes quickly and protects from the sun. This shirt and shorts are both with sunfactor 50+ and are very flexible to wear.


Kids' swim shirt Fiji Ocean blue
Kids' swim shirt Fiji
28.95 € 14.48 €
Shorts, Sicily navy Navy
Shorts, Sicily navy
24.95 € 12.48 €
Kids' swim shorts Cebu Ocean blue
Kids' swim shorts Cebu
26.95 € 13.48 €
Kids' UV-hoodie Rhodes Ocean blue
Kids' UV-hoodie Rhodes

34.95 €

Kids' sandals Luft Ocean blue
Kids' sandals Luft

44.95 €

Kids' swimsuit Galapagos Ocean blue
Kids' swimsuit Galapagos
44.95 € 22.48 €
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