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Hopea luxury performance for kids
Hopea luxury performance for kids

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Quality that shines through

"Our world is precious, like silver. But it too can lose its shine. Hopea, Finnish for silver, is a glimmer of hope." For over 75 years, we have created children’s clothing that stands the test of time.

With Hopea, our first collection of luxury performance wear, we’ve taken our expertise even further.

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The art is in the details

Each Hopea garment is specially crafted to offer peak protection, smooth style and exceptional comfort. Every small detail is carefully designed for kids to have the best outdoor winter adventure.

Luxurious features like premium zippers, branded lining and removable, machine-washable faux fur trims complete the Hopea experience.

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Ultimate sustainable quality

We’re happy to have designed a collection of ultimate quality with only the finest sustainable materials. Hopea never compromises—because we believe we should never compromise when it comes to the environment.

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Naturally comfortable on the skin

Hopea premium base layer set offers non-itching warmth. It’s made with fine mulesing-free merino wool and technical COOLMAX fiber that wicks moisture away.

The talent behind this unique collection is our designer, Mikko Niiranen. See the video to learn what inspired him.