Design and product development

Reima products are standardised for safety

Reima works to combine highest possible safety standards with utmost functionality. Our products are made to be safe, according to the European standard EN 14682 Safety of children’s clothing. Reima is also active in the working group for Safety of children’s clothing in the European Committee for Standardization and is a member of clothing industry standardization organisations.

Careful thought is dedicated to safety issues when designing products: Everything in Reima® products is there for a reason. Decorations must be safe and, if possible, even promote safety (e.g. reflectors)

All products are tested for performance, in the lab and on the field

The function and user comfort of Reima® products is tested with kids. Reima Test Patrol Groups are teams chosen for the field testing of garments. Reima also co-operates with Finnish day care centers for field testing.

The functional features of our products are designed according to age and changing nees of the child.

Promoting kids’ safety and health

We investigate means for improving child safety and encouraging children to be more active with the help of new wearable technology. The latest result of this work is our new ReimaGO concept.

Key Partnerships

Day care centers, Reima Test Patrol Group kids and their parents

European Community working group on safety for children’s clothing



Swedish Standards Institute SIS