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IDid you know that Finnish people consume the most coffee in the world? Our nation’s love for ‘kahvi’ has inspired our latest incredible innovation. We've added small particles of carbonised ground coffee into the polyester of our Coffee Bean jackets, to bring you big benefits: the carbon addition gives the fibre better heat storage and anti-static properties. This means your kid's jacket will be as warming as a cappuccino on a frosty morning.

CB 01.jpg

Innovation: coffee in textiles

Coffee is great for warming up in winter. But did you know that particles of ground coffee can keep our kids as snug as a bug in a rug, too. When ground coffee is carbonised at high temperature, the carbon forms honeycomb structures. By adding those particles into polyester, we’ve been able to increase the material’s heat retention. Covered with our Coffee Bean Shimmer fabric, our 2-in-1 jackets ensure your kids will stay as toasty as a warm cuppa.

Down/feather insulation (60/40%)

From the coffee pot, to warm your tiny tot

What do coffee and babies have in common, except that they both can keep you awake? The fabric of this one-piece has tiny particles of carbonised coffee, and that’s why it will keep your baby warm and cosy. The two zippers make sure your little one will slip in as easily as a spoon into the cup.