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Kids’ Outdoor Clothes

Kids’ outdoor clothes at Reima is designed to be functional at any weather conditions, come rain or shine. Take a look at our wide range of spring outerwear in fresh colours of the spring.

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Best in Test winner 2022

The Reimatec snowsuit Tromssa won the kids’snowsuits test by Bäst i Test Guiden this year with full score 10/10. The jury described Tromssa as “unbelievably durable” and “the almost perfect winter overall”, giving it the official tagline: “Fantastic wear and water-resistant winter overalls, suitable for all children and winters”.
Tromssa | Sizes 92-140

One size fits all?

For this photo, we’ve dressed a size 104 cm snowsuit on three kids. The leftmost kid is 98 cm tall, the one in the middle is 104 cm and the one on the right measures 110 cm. A Reima garment still fits after 6 cm of growth, so usually there’s no need to go bigger than your kid’s actual height.


With the help of OrganoTex® detergents, your Reima garments are washed with environmentally friendly ingredients. Use them to improve dirt- and water repellency, to wash wool and down products, or technical outdoor clothing.

Reima Repair Kit

A must-have for anyone who agrees that our favourite clothes deserve a second (and third, and fourth!) chance.