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Kids’ Outdoor Clothes

Kids’ outdoor clothes at Reima is designed to be functional at any weather conditions, come rain or shine. Take a look at our wide range of spring outerwear in fresh colours of the spring.

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The jacket of our future is here

Our award-winning Voyager jacket is made from just one material, which means it can be 100% recycled into something new – again and again and again.
Voyager | Sizes 104–164


With the help of OrganoTex® detergents, your Reima garments are washed with environmentally friendly ingredients. Use them to improve dirt- and water repellency, to wash wool and down products, or technical outdoor clothing.

Reima Repair Kit

A must-have for anyone who agrees that our favourite clothes deserve a second (and third, and fourth!) chance.

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Kids’ outerwear: the snowsuits

For all-in-one protection, whether it’s a light flurry or a full-on blizzard, our snowsuits act as a barrier against bad weather. Children are sure to be rolling down mountains as soon as it snows, so our onesies are waterproof while standing up to wear and tear.

Look out for designs with extra reinforcements on knees and bottoms, along with seamed seals to keep moisture out. Detachable hoods are handy for popping on and off – because you just know active little ones will be diving headfirst into snow drifts.

As safety’s so important for Reima, we’ve made hoods easy to detach using snap buttons – so kids won&rsqu