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Kids’ Shoes

Check out the footwear collection with our range of thoughtfully designed kids’ shoes. We have shoes especially created for the height of summer such as kids' sandals or kids' winter boots for the death of winter – as well as kids' trainers and kids' rain boots for every season in between.

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Shoes for every adventure

Reima shoes are made with kids in mind. So go ahead! Splash in the puddles or slip and slide in the mud – in Reima shoes, you can. When they get dirty, just wipe them off or even toss them in the machine to get them clean.

There’s a new shoe in town!

Luontuu shoes are durable, flexible and made to support kids every step of the way. And like all Reima shoes, they’re fluorocarbon-free, which means they keep dirt and water out while keeping harmful chemicals out of our air and water.
Luontuu | Sizes 20–38